E481 (Sodium Stearol -2- Lactylate) (SSL)

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PRODUCT NAME       :     Sodium Stearol -2- Lactylate  (E481)

SYNONYMOUS: SSL; Sodium Stearoyl Lactate

CLASS  :    Emulsifier

DESCRIPTION AND INGREDIENTS  : They are special products obtained by reaction of stearic acid and lactic acid with sodium salts of vegetable oils and polymers thereof.

It may have total lactic acid, sodium content fatty acid esters.

APPEARANCE : Clear white fluid powder. It has a slight acidic smell.

SOLUBILITY : It can be decomposed and dispersed in water.


·        It enhances dough standard and the volume capacity of leavened products. It ensures thin bread crust formed

·        It retards staling

·        It ensures quality products are produced with frozen leavened products

·        Little pore structure of pastry and cakes ( sponge cakes) ensures long term freshness. Albumin enhances shaking quality


Ø  Fine bakery products

Ø  Bread and bread varieties

Ø  Pastry and cake mixtures

Ø  Oil emulsions

Ø  Sweets

Ø  Dietary foods

Ø  Cereal and potato based appatizers

Ø  Canned chopped, minced meat products

Ø  Cream and cream mixtures

Ø  Sugar based candies

Ø  Hot drink powders

Ø  Breakfast cereals

Ø  Cereal based appatizers

QUANTITY OF USAGE   : It is determined by the prctitioner according to intended use and place of use.