E472e (Mono and diacetyl tartaric acid esters of mono - and diglycerides of fatty acids) (DATEM)

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PRODUCT NAME  : Di-acetyl Tartaric Acid Esters of Mono and Diglycerides  ( E472e) DATEM

CLASS: Emulsifier

DESCRIPTION AND INGREDIENTS: They are tartaric acids and fatty acid esters of vegetable oils and mono anda di-acetyl tartaric acis (obtained from tartaric acid). They contain a little free glycerol, free fatty acids, free tartaric acid and free acetic acids and combination thereof and free glycerides. It contains tartaric and acetic esters of fatty acids too.

APPEARANCE : Cream white fluid powder. It has a slight acidic smell.

SOLUBILITY: It can be decomposed and dispersed in water.


·        It is used to stiffen the flour (Water binding property) to increase dough fermentation and dough capacity in all bread varieties and leavened dough.

·     It further enhances volume in all bread varieties, capacity and improves the inside texture of the bread.

·      USAGE AREA:

Ø  In all flour varieties

Ø  Bread and bread varieties

Ø  Dressings

Ø  Topping powders

Ø  Cream mixtures (Coffee Creams)

QUANTITY OF USAGE   : It is determined by the practitioner according to the intended usage and desired product

PACKAGE FEATURES : 25 kg Kraft Bag