E472b (Lactic Acid Esters of Mono and Diglycerides) (LACTEM)

PRODUCT NAME       :     Lactic Acid Esters of Mono and Diglycerides (LACTEM) (E472b)


 CLASS : Emulsifier

DESCRIPTION AND INGREDIENTS  : They are lactic acid esters of  vegetable oils. They contain a little free glycerol, free fatty acids, free acetic acid and free glycerides.

APPEARANCE : Cream with fluid powder. It has slightly acidic smell.

SOLUBILITY : It can be decomposed and dispersed in  water.


·        It is used as a mousse enhancer in whipped creams and cream mixtures

·        It is used as an airing agent in pastry and cakes. It ensures rich mousse formation and stability in the products containing high oils. It further reduces shaking period

·        It enhances product consistency of milk and milk creams

·        It makes easy to take form and enhances fluidity in chocolate compounds

·        It enhances volume and interior texture of fine bakery products.


  • Ø  Whipping cream (shunt powder) mixtures
  • Ø  Pastry-cake mixtures
  • Ø  Cream toppings  (Coffee cream etc. )
  • Ø  Ice cream – sweet mistures
  • Ø  Chocolate mixtures

QUANTITY OF USAGE   : It is determined by the practitioner according to the intended usage and place of usage.

PACKAGE FEATURES : 25 kg Kraft Bag